dFence Cam

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get photo evidence of a crime as it was happening? dFence Cam is a revolutionary piece of technology that allows this to happen.

How dFence Cam Works

Our patented dFence Cam* is a bluetooth camera that is able to capture a crime in action in your vehicle. You can think of it as a “Ring” for your car. You will have full access to the photos via our dFence app on your mobile phone. This cutting edge technology makes it possible for victims of theft to not only report the crime, but hand over actual real time photos of the thief as the crime is taking place.

The dFence Cam works by snapping photos either automatically due to “trigger events” or manually through the app on your phone. There are three specific ways that the dFence Cam captures photos.

*The dFence Cam is only available with the d3 surveillance system or as an add-on accessory with dFence GPS.

dFence Cam for New Car Dealers

Car dealerships can make great use of the dFence Cam by having them installed inside of all cars that are sitting on the lot, and then in turn offering them as a bonus to customers when they purchase a car. The dFence Cam gives the dealership the power to capture photos of a crime as it is being committed.

New Car Dealerships
RV Dealership

dFence Cam for Trailers, RV’s and Power Sports

Powersports trailers and RVs can benefit greatly from having the dFence Cam in their vehicles. The dFence Cam protects these expensive vehicles from theft and other crimes by taking real time photos of the crime in progress and the person perpetrating the crime as well.

dFence Cam for Fleet Vehicles

The dFence Cam is perfect for fleet vehicles because of its ability to capture photos of a crime as it’s being committed. Due to the high price value of many fleet vehicles, as well as the fact that they are often depended upon by business owners to make the business function, they are extremely valuable.

Fleet Vehicles
New Car Dealers

dFence Cam for Consumers

Consumers love the dFence Cam because it provides peace of mind knowing that if their vehicle is broken into, they will have hard evidence of who committed the crime.

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