With dFence, you’ll have peace of mind that your vehicle is safe.

Why dFence

As a consumer, you deserve the security of knowing that your vehicle, trailer, RV or any other vehicle is protected. Vehicle owner’s want the power to know who the thief is who has stolen their property. dFence Cam** gives vehicle owners this power by giving them real time photos of the crime as it was taking place.

dFence has state of the art technology in all aspects. Our patented dFence d3 system includes the dFence GPS, dFence Glass, and dFence Cam which creates a triple threat where you can rest with peace of mind that your vehicle is safe.*

*dFence and its entire product line is available only through dealerships and is not sold directly to consumers. 

**The dFence Cam is only available with the dFence d3 system or as an add-on accessory to dFence GPS.

dFence Glass Alarm

dFence Glass is our signature product at dFence because it is only proprietary to dFence and no one else possesses this technology. The glass break technology makes an alarm go off any time that the vehicle’s window glass is broken. This technology is only available to customers of dFence.

dFence Glass
dFence Camera

dFence Camera

dFence Cam is the perfect system for those looking to beef up their vehicle protection. This bluetooth camera system captures images both automatically during a crime and also manually by the owner when needed.

dFence GPS

dFence GPS allows your vehicle to be located at all times. GPS systems are advanced, but our dFence GPS has technology that far surpasses all other systems. With our GPS technology your vehicle can be tracked at all times to show location, speed, direction, and more.

dFence GPS

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