dFence for New Car Dealerships

Your scalable “plug and play” solution to improved lot management, better lot security, and an enhanced customer experience

About dFence

dFence is an innovative line of products that includes GPS technology to track your inventory, anti-theft alarms to prevent vehicle theft, and even a bluetooth camera system to catch suspicious activity inside or outside any car on the lot. Our patented technology is superior to all of our competitor’s products because where their capabilities end, ours keep going. Let dFence ensure your dealership, and your customers, will be repeatedly impressed.


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Lot Management

The lot management system you use should increase your lot’s efficiency overall, which will in turn increase your dealership’s revenue. Dealer lot management is critical to making sure that your dealership runs efficiently, but it should also work to save you time and money while protecting your lot inventory.

Car dealer security is vital to protecting your inventory from theft. dFence’s groundbreaking technology makes lot security simple and nearly effortless. Below are some of the benefits you can expect with dFence products on your lot.

dFence GPS

  • Alerts the dealer of any cars leaving the lot after-hours
  • Alerts the dealership if vehicle battery drops to low when the car is started
  • Allows the dealer to search the lot for vehicles and know whenever a vehicle is moved

dFence Glass

  • A 100db siren will sound if the vehicle’s window glass is broken
  • A text will be sent to the dealer if dFence GPS is also installed
  • This is proprietary to dFence, no other vehicle anti-theft systems have this technology

dFence Cam

    • Automatically takes pictures in real time in the event of a vehicle glass break or tamper and sends the images back to the dealer’s account
    • Also able to take manual pictures when needed
    • This is proprietary to dFence; no other vehicle anti-theft systems have this technology.
Tired of managing your dealership’s car lot by spending hours on various tasks? Inventory audits, trades between dealers, checking car batteries are all daily tasks that take time and dealership money to complete. Allow your sales team to get back to selling instead of wasting their time with these time consuming tasks.

Battery management can be tedious and costly, but it is necessary to know the battery levels of the vehicles on your lot. dFence GPS will record and alert contacts at your dealership if a vehicle battery drops to low when the car is started.

dFence offers your store 3 times the solutions no other GPS company can. Our Glass Break Alarm can operate stand alone or with GPS. Our GPS product can work stand alone or with the dFence Glass Break Alarm. And when you add our dFence Cam with dFence d3, you have un paralleled Lot Security, Lot Management as well as an F&I product that holds unprecedented value that customers will immediately understand and appreciate.

New Car Dealerships

Advanced Stolen Recovery

Dealer lot security and surveillance are possibly two of the most important aspects of protecting your dealership inventory. Vehicles are stolen from dealership lots regularly, and even though police reports are filed, it can be nearly impossible to track down these stolen cars without GPS. The key is to stop any crime before it starts. The dFence d3 package with IR camera will make a potential thief think twice before breaking in or stealing a vehicle. dFence’s technologically advanced d3 system not only shows exactly where the stolen car is located, it also will show Law Enforcement the date, time speed direction if there was a glass break-in as well as a picture of the car thief.

New Car Dealers

Enhance Customer Experience

dFence’s innovative and patented technology allows you to say goodbye to losing a sale due to customers getting tired of waiting or dealers not being able to locate a certain vehicle. Dealership employees will be able to not only locate a specific vehicle on the lot, but also be able to tell if that vehicle has a low battery before delivering it to a buyer. This enhances the customer experience by eliminating long wait times while an employee searches for a vehicle and in turn this helps to grow PVR.

Improve Service Retention

Service retention is something that all dealerships focus on, and isn’t an easy feat given all of the service options for car owners. dFence Ultimate Retention has you covered with a fully robust retention system that sends service contract renewal notifications to car owners.

dFence Ultimate Retention allows your dealership’s F&I department to record the initial service contract signing date and terms on the dFence website. Once this is complete, whenever the customer drives onto your dealership lot (or any of your dealer group’s lots) you as the dealer will receive notification. This notification will include the customer’s name, service contract sign date, time left until service contract expires, VIN#, make, model and year.

dFence customizes the experience to your dealership to give customers the full experience. We will brand the top of the mobile phone app with your dealership name as well as any promotion you might be running at the time. This way, when the customer logs in to use the dFence app, they will immediately see your dealership’s promotional ad which will be tailored to that customer’s service contract.

The dFence platform even allows you to send customers personal push campaigns to keep them coming back to the dealership before their service contract expires. The customer receives these messages directly on the dFence app on their mobile phones.

An example of a personal push campaign:

These types of personal push campaigns keep your dealership at the forefront of the customer’s mind when it comes to service. Additionally, the service contract contact at your dealership will receive a notification automatically whenever the customer drives onto your dealership lot. This level of customer service will set your dealership apart from the competition and keep customers coming back for years to come.

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