dFence Glass

Did you know that a vehicle is stolen in the United States every 43 seconds? dFence Glass is a groundbreaking technology that works to prevent this from happening.

How dFence Glass Works

Our patented glass break alarm will sound just by the window glass of the vehicle breaking. This technology makes it possible to protect your vehicle from incredibly common break-ins called “smash and grabs”. dFence Glass can be bundled with dFence GPS and dFence Cam (dFence d3) to bring your defense system full circle and protect all aspects of your vehicle. dFence has patented dFence Glass in 23 countries, making our technology completely proprietary to us.

dFence Glass emits a 100db piercing siren the moment the glass window on your vehicle is broken. This revolutionary anti-theft technology truly sets dFence apart from our competitors as no one else offers this. Without dFence Glass, a thief can quite literally break the window of any vehicle and grab whatever contents are inside and remain virtually untraceable and you’re left without your property. dFence Glass’s loud alarm will generally scare most thieves off before they actually take anything. If you decide to also combine dFence GPS and dFence Cam (dFence d3) to your vehicle, then not only will there be a glass break alarm but you’ll also know exactly where your vehicle is and you’ll have a pictures of the crime.

dFence Glass for New Car Dealers

New car dealerships can benefit from dFence Glass in many ways, but none so powerful as the benefit of knowing that if anyone attempts to break into a car on their lot by breaking a window there will undoubtedly be an alarm. As a dealership, it brings peace of mind knowing that the cars on your lot are safe from theft. dFence Glass is so far advanced that the average car dealer doesn’t have this type of technology at all. This puts any car dealer that uses dFence Glass at an advantage over their competitors.

New Car Dealerships
RV Dealership

dFence Glass for Trailers, RV’s and Power Sports

Powersports trailers and RVs are particularly heavily targeted by thieves due to their resale value as well as how easy it can be to break a window and grab valuables. dFence Glass helps to prevent this from happening with our patented technology that sounds a loud alarm any time that glass is broken on any vehicle. Smash and grab vehicle break-ins are incredibly common, especially amongst RVs, because most thieves know that RVs will contain a person’s valuables because it is also that person’s home.

dFence Glass for Fleet Vehicles

Fleet vehicles have to be managed almost meticulously due to the fact that fleets are responsible for multiple vehicles and drivers all at once. A fleet vehicle can be in multiple places throughout the country at any given moment, and the need for anti-theft technology and monitoring is essential.

Fleet Vehicles

dFence Glass works for all types of fleets including:

New Car Dealers

dFence Glass for Consumers

As a consumer, you want to feel safe and protected when it comes to your vehicle. The majority of vehicles involve large financial investments, and as such you want only the best technology in order to protect them. dFence Glass provides consumers with state of the art, patented, glass break alarm technology that literally no other company can offer. Our patented technology triggers a 100 decibel siren when your vehicle’s window glass is broken. This prevents a smash and grab theft as most thieves will leave once the alarm sounds rather than sticking around to see what happens.

dFence Glass truly is the only glass break alarm technology that exists. We aim to help car owners as well as auto dealers protect their vehicles from break-ins and theft.

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