dFence GPS

The premier vehicle tracking device technology designed to protect vehicles from theft while also making it easier to recover a stolen vehicle.

How dFence GPS Works

dFence GPS makes it possible for dealers as well as law enforcement officers and even car buyers to track a stolen vehicle. When paired with our dFence Glass and dFence Cam (dFence d3), the three create a defense system that is virtually unstoppable. dFence GPS works by using Global Positioning System technology, or GPS for short, which utilizes satellites, receivers and algorithms to pinpoint the exact location of something. Our advanced GPS tracking system uses this technology to allow you to track your vehicle(s) to know where it is located, how fast it is traveling, and even the direction it is headed. This technology not only makes it easy to track down a car-thief, but it gives dealers as well as consumers peace of mind.

dFence GPS for New Car Dealerships

Our dFence GPS helps car dealerships in several areas, including but not limited to:

dFence GPS helps dealerships with lot management by alerting dealers of any after-hours car movement.
We help dealers enhance their customer’s experience by eliminating long wait times while employees search for specific vehicles on the lot, with dFence GPS they can locate cars anywhere on the lot.

dFence GPS protects dealership lot inventory by alerting dealers of all car movements, including after-hours.

Dealerships have to constantly manage car batteries to be sure they are fully charged before giving a car to a customer, dFence GPS lets you know if a vehicle batter drops to low when the car is started.
Recovering a stolen vehicle is easy with dFence GPS as we will notify the authorities for you with the stolen car’s location, direction and car details.
New Car Dealerships

Car dealerships that utilize our GPS tracking devices for the cars on their lot are able to see the benefits daily. Our vehicle GPS trackers help dealerships to grow their PVR, while also maintaining lot security.

RV Dealership

dFence GPS for Trailers, RV’s and Power Sports

Dealers that sell trailers, RV’s or power sports have the same lot management issues that auto dealerships often struggle with. dFence GPS covers all of the lot security problems that many dealerships run into, including real-time monitoring of your assets on the lot. Often times trailers, RV’s and power sport vehicles can be extremely expensive, and theft can be a costly problem as a dealer. The dFence GPS system allows dealers to quickly recover any stolen vehicles. Our intelligent GPS technology automatically alerts law enforcement that a theft has taken place and also informs them of the make, model, vehicle location, direction and speed.

dFence GPS for Fleet Vehicles

Regardless of the size of your fleet or the types of vehicles involved, dFence GPS can assist in managing your fleet vehicles and drivers. Our advanced GPS system will allow you to track all vehicles including their speed, direction, and movements. Fleet visibility is crucial to maintaining successful daily operations. dFence GPS will allow you to be able to reduce costs, increase productivity, manage vehicle maintenance, and therefore stay on top of every fleet vehicle on the road. Additionally, dFence GPS will alert you if any of your vehicles are involved in a crash. This is vital information that will allow any business to manage their inventory and their drivers down to the last detail.

Fleet Vehicles

dFence GPS works for all types of fleets including:

New Car Dealers

dFence GPS for Consumers

Buying a car, trailer, RV or any other type of vehicle is a huge investment. As a buyer, you want to feel that you’re getting the most bang for your buck. The dFence GPS system allows all types of vehicle owners to protect that investment by giving you access to our powerful GPS tracking system. dFence GPS lets you track your vehicle remotely through our mobile app or on our website simply by registering your device once you purchase it. This capability makes it much easier to recover your vehicle if stolen, as you’ll be able to track your vehicle and see its exact location.

dFence GPS is the top of the line if you’re looking for a quality GPS system. Our competitors don’t stack up in comparison to our technology and integrated systems. Pair dFence GPS with dFence Glass and dFence Cam (dFence d3) for a triple threat that will keep your vehicle safe from all aspects.

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