Powersports Trailers & RV’s

At dFence, we specialize in defending your powersports trailer or RV from break ins and theft.

About dFence

Powersports trailers and RVs are significant investments for consumers as well as dealers, and as such you want them to have the best theft protection, this is where dFence comes in. At dFence we specialize in defending your powersports trailer or RV from break ins and theft, both on the dealership lot or at your own residential property. dFence carries an innovative line of products that includes GPS technology to track your vehicle, anti-theft alarms to prevent vehicle theft, and even a bluetooth camera system to catch all movements surrounding your trailer or RV. (dFence d3) Our patented technology covers all the basis with our triple threat combination of:

Lot Management

Dealer lot management is critical to making sure that your powersports trailer or RV dealership runs efficiently, but your system should also work to save you time and money. dFence’s line of state of the art products does just that. Our dFence GPS, dFence Glass and dFence Cam are unstoppable, especially when combined together.

Security for powersports trailers and RV dealerships is vital in protecting inventory from theft and break ins. dFence’s groundbreaking technology makes lot security simple and nearly effortless. Below are some of the benefits you can expect with dFence products on your lot.

dFence GPS

  • Alerts the dealer of any vehicles leaving the lot after-hours
  • Alerts the dealership if a vehicle’s battery drops to low when the vehicle is started
  • Allows the dealer to search the lot for vehicles and know whenever a vehicle is moved

dFence Glass

  • A 100db siren will sound if a vehicle’s window glass is broken
  • A text will be sent to the dealer if dFence GPS is also installed
  • This is proprietary to dFence, no other vehicle anti-theft systems have this technology

dFence Cam

  • Automatically takes pictures in real time in the event of a vehicle glass break or tamper and sends the images back to the dealer’s account
  • Also able to take manual pictures when needed
Managing a powersports trailer or RV dealership requires several time-consuming tasks. Daily operations can include inventory audits, trades with other dealers, and checking vehicle batteries. All of these tasks are tedious and take time and dealership money to complete.

Allow your sales team to get back to selling instead of wasting their time with these time consuming tasks by letting our products do the heaving lifting on the lot. dFence products can help sales people locate specific vehicles, check inventory and battery levels with the press of a button.

Battery management can be tedious and costly, but it is necessary to know the battery levels of the vehicles on your lot. dFence GPS will record and alert contacts at your dealership if a vehicle battery drops to low when the vehicle is started.
RV Dealership

Stolen RV and Trailer Recovery

RVs and trailers can be easy targets for thieves due to the large amount of resale value involved. Dealers have to be wary of this as they have so many RVs and trailers on their lot at any given point. Consumers also have to be vigilant as their trailers and RVs can be stolen at camp sites or even out of their own driveways. RVs and powersports trailers are stolen all the time, and even though police reports are filed, it can be nearly impossible to track down these stolen vehicles. dFence’s technologically advanced GPS system not only shows exactly where the stolen trailer or RV is located, it also contacts the police to let them know a vehicle theft has occurred.


Did You Know?

D3 can have up to 4 IR CAMERAS per GPS module! So you now have accountability in the drivers cabin, in the back of a van and towing a trailer, all on one d3 system.

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