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Get three times the security, three times the deterrence and three times the peace of mind with the dFence d3 vehicle surveillance system.


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  • *The dFence d3 system is not available for individual sale to consumers and must be purchased through a dealership.

What is dFence d3?

The dFence d3 surveillance system is a three-pronged approach to protecting your vehicle. d3 is comprised of three components; GPS tracking, a patented glass break alarm, and advanced bluetooth camera surveillance. Why all the three’s? d3 provides three times the security, three times the deterrence and three times the peace of mind with our patented and proprietary technology.  Just like video doorbell systems, d3 acts as a visual deterrence against would-be thieves who would break into vehicles.

dFence GPS

If your vehicle is stolen, our advanced GPS system will show not only your car’s exact location, but the direction it is headed, the speed the car is traveling, and can even provide law enforcement with this real-time data. The dFence GPS system is a great tool for both customers and dealerships alike to be able to track any vehicle location at all times.

dFence GPS
dFence Glass

dFence Glass Break Alarm

Car thefts have seen a consistent rise across the country, in fact, a vehicle is stolen every 43 seconds in the United States alone. Additionally, “smash and grabs” have risen at an alarming rate. A smash and grab describes an event where a thief breaks a car window in order to steal something from inside the vehicle. A standard car alarm will not go off in a smash and grab event, but with d3, we have you covered. Our patented technology will sound a 100 db alarm if any glass on your vehicle is broken, this is protection you can only get with dFence.

dFence Camera

The dFence camera is a game-changer for both vehicle owners and dealerships. This revolutionary device can most simply be compared to the video doorbell systems. What video doorbell surveillance system does for your home, dFence Camera does for your vehicle. The dFence camera uses bluetooth technology to automatically capture photos of a vehicle theft as it is happening and send them to the owner of the vehicle within the dFence app on their mobile phone.

Glass Break Photos
The dFence Camera will automatically begin taking photos the moment that a glass break event happens in the vehicle. This is obviously crucial evidence that can be used to identify the person that committed the crime, and it is evidence that is collected without any effort from the vehicle owner.

Arm Photos
One of the settings within the dFence app is the ability to set the vehicle to armed mode. This setting effectively puts a “geofence”, or invisible barrier, around the vehicle wherever it is parked. If the vehicle moves at all outside of that invisible fence while in armed mode, the owner will then receive a text with the location, speed, and direction that the car is moving. Beyond this, the owner will also receive a photo of whoever is driving the car from inside the vehicle.

Manual Photos
The dFence app gives the dealer, or owner of the vehicle, the capability to manually take photos from their mobile phone while the crime is taking place. This ability is a big help to not only the car owner but to law enforcement as well without putting the victim in any danger.

dFence Camera

Did You Know?

D3 can have up to 4 IR CAMERAS per GPS module! So you now have accountability in the drivers cabin, in the back of a van and towing a trailer, all on one d3 system.

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