Fleet Vehicles

Our technology can help take your business to the next level with tracking and management solutions

About dFence

Fleet tracking and management can be an exhausting and sometimes expensive task. dFence products help to make this job much easier, and less time consuming. Our technology can help take your business to the next level with tracking and management solutions that will allow you to stay on top of your fleet vehicles and drivers.

Fleet Vehicle Management

Fleet vehicle management refers to the system with which a company uses to keep track of all of the vehicles in their fleet. Businesses use fleet vehicles in a wide variety of industries, including but not limited to:

  • Government Fleet Management
  • HVAC Fleet Management
  • Plumbing Fleet Management
  • Construction Fleet Management
  • Transportation Fleet Management
  •  Distribution and Delivery Fleet Management
  • And so many more!

With dFence’s line of anti-theft devices and technology, businesses are able to manage their fleet vehicles with ease. dFence GPS lets business owners know where any fleet vehicle is at any given time, as well as the speed and direction of the vehicle. This keeps business functioning efficiently as the owners can focus on other tasks instead of managing their fleet vehicles.

Fleet Vehicles

dFence GPS works for all types of fleets including:

Driver Safety and Retention

Keeping drivers safe has to be a top priority for any business that utilizes fleet vehicles. Driver safety is much easier to manage with dFence technology. dFence GPS tracks fleet vehicles, so business owners know where their drivers are at all times. This helps keep drivers safe because their whereabouts are known wherever they go. dFence GPS can also report the speed of a vehicle, which will alert a business owner if one of their drivers is driving too fast or recklessly.

dFence Glass keeps fleet vehicle drivers safe by sounding an alarm any time the vehicle’s window glass is broken. This enhances driver safety as this anti-theft system scares away thieves with its 100db siren. dFence Cam* is a bluetooth camera that takes photo evidence of any crime committed to a fleet vehicle. Combine dFence GPS, dFence Glass and dFence Cam (dFence d3) for a complete triple threat to protect your fleet vehicles and drivers.
Retaining drivers is very important for any business that uses fleet vehicles. dFence can help your business directly impact driver retention with our sophisticated products. When drivers feel safe with the fleet their driving with, they stay longer. Our products allow drivers to feel safer knowing they’re protected.

*dFence Cam is only available with the dFence d3 system or as an add-on accessory with dFence GPS.

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