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With our exclusive dFence Glass Break Alarm, GPS Auto Tracking and Security Camera, car dealerships, subprime lenders and consumers can feel confident about the security of their vehicles. Watch our video tutorials below to learn more.

dFence Glass Break Alarm

The dFence Glass Break Alarm is the first patented alarm product that acoustically detects a glass break event and sounds an alarm, scaring off would-be thieves. When the glass on a protected vehicle is broken, an alarm that can reach 120 decibels is triggered, alerting anyone nearby that the vehicle is being burglarized.

If your vehicle is stolen or broken into, you’ll likely have personal information inside your car stolen as well. As an added benefit, this program provides a comprehensive Identity Theft resolution program designed to assist you from the start of the fraud incident until the resolution. Our ID recovery advocates fully manage the process, working on your behalf to restore your identity to its pre-victim status – no matter how long it takes.

Protecting your investment with the dFence Glass Break Alarm will give you peace of mind. As an added benefit, if your vehicle’s glass is damaged due to burglary, this protection will provide you with cash benefits. *You may also qualify you for an insurance discount. Ask your dealer for details.

dFence Glass Break Alarm with GPS

In addition to the Glass Break Alarm, if you add the dFence GPS with Glass Break Alarm not only will an alarm sound if your glass is broken, but you will also receive a text notification your vehicle has been broken into with the time, date, location and if your vehicle begins to move the speed and direction of the vehicle.

dFence Glass Break Alarm with GPS/Camera

The wireless Bluetooth “dFence Cam” will automatically take pictures inside your vehicle, capturing the image of anyone inside the vehicle, if your glass is broken.  dFence Cam is also equipped with a state-of-the-art Infrared Lens, which enables clear bright pictures even if the event occurs at night with no light. Additionally, should a glass break attempt or “smash and grab” occur you will be able to send from your smart phone or desktop a bright LED strobe or constant LED light from the camera inside your vehicle.