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Get three times the security, three times the deterrence and three times the peace of mind with the dFence d3 vehicle surveillance system.


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  • *The dFence d3 system is not available for individual sale to consumers and must be purchased through a dealership.

What are the benefits for dealers?

The dFence d3 system is much more than just surveillance when it comes to the benefits it provides to dealerships. d3 is an absolute necessity for dealership lot management, dealer lot security, and an overall improved dealership customer experience. Our technologically advanced line of products is far superior than anything else on the market when it comes to protecting the large financial investment sitting on dealership lots across the country.

Advanced Lot Management

Any dealership knows that the lot management system used should increase your lot’s efficiency as well as overall revenue. The dFence d3 system provides not only security, but is an effective lot management resource that will protect your inventory, save time for employees, provide better battery management, and gives scaleable solutions for your dealership.

Protect the inventory on your lot using dFence d3 while requiring very little effort on behalf of the dealership.

  • dFence GPS: Alerts the dealer if any car leaves the lot after-hours or if vehicle batteries drop to low once the car is started, and allows dealers the ability to search the lot for any vehicle and be alerted if a car is moved.
  • dFence Glass Break: A siren will sound if a vehicle on the lot experiences a glass break-in, and a text will alert the dealer of the break-in. This is a technology that no other company can offer and is proprietary to dFence.
  • dFence Camera: Automatic pictures are taken and sent to the dealer if a glass-break or theft occurs, dealers can take manual pictures if needed, this is another technology that is specifically proprietary to dFence.

Many dealerships waste time on tedious tasks such as inventory audits, lot checks, battery checks, etc. The dFence d3 eliminates the need for employees to spend time on these tasks as they will be managed with our d3 technology. This allows employees to focus on selling, rather than lot management tasks which in turn increases revenue.

All dealerships have the time consuming tasks of checking batter levels of the vehicles on the lot. dFence GPS, part of the d3 system, will record and alert contacts at the dealership if a battery drops to low when the ignition is started.

The d3 system offers advanced security and management options that are three times that of what any other solution is able to offer. dFence GPS, dFence Glass Break, and dFence Camera create a trifecta of protection that is invaluable to any dealership.

New Car Dealerships

Improved Lot Security

Lot security is of paramount importance to any dealership lot management system. Unfortunately, vehicles are stolen off of dealership lots all the time and once the car is gone it can be nearly impossible to track down. These thefts result in thousands of dollars of inventory, and subsequently, revenue being lost to dealerships. dFence operates differently, stopping the crime before it starts. Our groundbreaking d3 system tracks stolen vehicles in real time, sounds a 100 db alarm if a glass-break occurs, and snaps photos of the perpetrator inside the vehicle as the theft is happening. Moreover, the dFence d3 system gives the dealership the capabilities listed below.

New Car Dealers

Happier Customers

Often times, customers spend copious amounts of time at the dealership waiting for employees to locate a vehicle or charge a battery once it has been located. With dFence’s d3 system, dealers and dealer employees will be able to locate any car on the lot with ease and will also be alerted if the battery is low as soon as the car is started. This allows employees to quickly locate the car and charge a battery while the customer fills out paperwork, no extra wait time necessary. Providing a better customer experience leads to happier customers, which in turn leads to return buyers and referrals to others.

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