Experience the d3 Difference

With dFence, you’ll have peace of mind that your vehicle is safe.

Why dFence

The dFence d3 system brings peace of mind that your vehicle is protected no matter where you are. The easiest way to explain the value that d3 brings to protect your vehicle is to think of it as a video doorbell system for your car. Regardless of the type of vehicle, it is typically one of the biggest investments you own and vehicle theft can be devastating. d3 protects cars, trailers, RV’s, sport utility vehicles, and any other vehicle you may want to protect. Our revolutionary and proprietary technology gives vehicle owners more power than ever when it comes to protecting their investment.*

There are hundreds of car alarms and protection devices out there, but the dFence d3 system is unlike anything else on the market.* Our triple threat technology covers your vehicle from three different angles, ensuring total peace of mind that your vehicle is safe.

The dFence GPS

dFence GPS is a powerful GPS tracking system that allows consumers to be able to remotely track their vehicle using the dFence app on their mobile phone. Once you purchase dFence GPS through your dealership, simply visit our website to register your device. The tracking capabilities provided by dFence GPS are unmatched by any of our competitors.

dFence GPS
dFence Glass

The dFence Glass Break

dFence’s glass break alarm is a patented technology that only dFence provides. Standard car alarms will not go off if the glass is broken on a vehicle, which happens all the time for not only car thefts but “smash and grab” thefts where thieves steal contents from inside the car. With dFence glass break, a 100 db alarm will sound in the event that any glass is broken on the vehicle. This alarm will most likely scare a thief off, but will also notify you that a break-in has occurred.

The dFence Camera

The dFence camera is a bluetooth camera that will be installed within your vehicle and will actually take photos of the perpetrator inside the car as the theft is happening. These photos will then be sent directly to you, the owner, and can be used to give to law enforcement to identify the thief.

dFence Camera

These three packaged together make up the d3 system, and allow consumers the ability to recover a stolen vehicle easier than ever before. The d3 system provides three times the security, three times the deterrence, and three times the peace of mind. Instead of deciding which type of protection is best for your vehicle, don’t settle and have all three! GPS tracking for knowing where your car is at all times, glass break alarm for deterring thieves as well as alerting you of a break-in, and real-time camera capabilities to have photo evidence of a crime in progress. This technology is specifically patented by dFence and is proprietary to dFence only and cannot be provided by any other vehicle security or surveillance company.*

*The dFence d3 system is not available for individual sale to consumers and must be purchased through a dealership. Contact your local dealer today and ask if they carry the dFence d3 system.

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