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for Auto Dealers

See the benefits with improved lot management, customer retention and an enhanced customer experience.

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for Power Sports/Trailers

Protect your powersports trailers and RVs from theft and recover them quickly if stolen, all with dFence technology.

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for Fleet

Improve driver safety and retention, manage your fleet vehicles and keep track of your assets with dFence for fleet.

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for Consumers

dFence ensures that during an attempted car theft, your alarm will sound, photos will be taken and GPS will track your vehicle.

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Why Choose dFence?

The dFence difference is noticeable from the very first time you use one of our products. Our innovative and advanced technology provides peace of mind knowing that no matter how a thief attempts to get into the vehicle, your dFence system will alert you. Our patented d3 system takes a three tiered approach to protecting vehicles for dealerships, consumers and fleets. dFence Glass sounds the alarm, dFence Cam takes real-time photos of the perpetrator and dFence GPS tracks the vehicle for faster recovery.

Benefits include:

  Propriety and patented technology that is exclusive only for dFence users

  Ability to track and recover stolen vehicles quickly and easily

  100 decibel alarm sounds when window glass is broken (only with dFence)

Real time pictures offer the maximum theft deterrence and accountability (only with dFence)

  Dealers are able to manage lots and protect inventory

  Fleet vehicles can be detected anywhere and drivers are protected

  Consumers have peace of mind knowing their property is safe

What People Are Saying

“Luckily when they recovered our stolen vehicle it was still intact…no major dents, scratches, or anything broken because they recovered it so quickly.  I believe dFence GPS is what saved us from having to deal with the nightmare of going through our insurance, claiming it stolen, and everything that comes with that.”
“dFence is one of those things that you don’t think you need it until you do. When my wife came in and told me the vehicle was gone,  I thought ‘how are we going to be able to afford to replace it?’ And the answer in my head was we’re not going to be able to. You realize there’s nothing special about you, there’s no reason why your vehicle isn’t going to be stolen, it happens all day every day.”

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